Ergonomic Assessments

Taylor Chiropractic is able to provide off site ergonomic assessments to local businesses and organizations.  Proper workstation design is crucial in the prevention of repetitive strain and overuse injuries.  A detailed assessment is provided outlining any appropriate recommendations for improvement.

Call our office to arrange an assessment.

Motor Vehicle Accident and WSIB Claims

Taylor Chiropractic is qualified to handle both motor vehicle accident and workers compensation claims.  Taylor Chiropractic is able to provide hands on care, including appropriate rehabilitation.  Referral from your physician is not necessary and patients can book directly with the clinic.

X-ray Imaging

Taylor Chiropractic is equipped with a modern x-ray imaging facility.  Diagnostic imaging on site provides a greater service to patients.  X-ray imaging is utilized when necessary to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Vitamins & Supplements

Taylor Chiropractic carries a complete line of health supplements.  Our doctors are trained to provide complete nutritional advice.  Proper nutrition and supplementation is part of our patient’s overall health and well being.